"He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose"

A teaser for the series Mathew 24 and Revelation in BIBLiBlog

The History and The Bible

It was one who said: "Those who forget the history, is in danger to repeat it" Now I wonder if we Christians have forgot the history, or what is it with us? It seems we wish to repeat it, for what do Jesus says in Mathew 24 and what do John writes in Book of Revelation? What events is it about in this Scriptures? Was it the event in the years 67-70 AD or is it an event that will happen a couple of thousand years later? To forget the history, I think many Christians don't see what these Scripture means and what future we have.
Dispensasionalism have to take much of the blame for this misleading, not after my wish, but it seems to hold stand for a little while more.

Go to BIBLiBlog and read the series; Eschatology in the Bible, which dig deeper into Matthew 24, and the 12 part series of Revelation, which dig into the Book of Revelation.

"If you look far enough back in history, you may be wise enough to see far ahead into the future"
[Winston Churchill].

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  • The Secret Rapture Theory
    What is "the secret rapture" theory and where did it come from?
  • "Emty"
    I do prepare more articles. Come back later and check for updates.

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What Is Possible To Fulfill With a Burning Heart?

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What does it takes to change a life to the better? — How can we give hope to people who lives without hope?
Visit Streetlight.org and get to know their work. Dare to be a partner, there is many opportunities to be.

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